Luka (lukadia) wrote in kageroumanga,

Update - 2 Pages!

Two new pages! Still not ready to come back fulltime yet, but YAY.



I wish the epic flail had hit me on ANY OTHER CHAPTER but 50. Archive readers won’t suffer, but everyone who’s reading as the pages go up is being dragged over one of the most important parts of the damn comic at like two miles an hour.

That is not sufficient velocity for the roadrash I intended to inflict when I set this shit in motion. But I live in hope!

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Shiiiit, I really need this slower pace in updates to reread everything. Over and over. Believe me I will get roadrashed.

Also, you are an incredible artist/writer person and it's been amazing to watch Kagerou develop over the years. Just wanted to say.
HRRRGH, the tension here is such a killer! But y'know what dude, if each and every time you come back and your art makes such glorious, beautiful, detailed leaps like this, keep on keeping on. We'll wait. Chapter 50 deserves to look epic as fuck.
Kid! Noooooooo!
yay update! and I think I'm starting to figure things- oh god my brain just imploded
OMGOMG YAY XD So gorgeous, as usual. I love Fuuka in the third panel of the first page, and Kid's eyes. *so terribly excited about these pages*

Out of curiosity, where did Fiona go to school? I live in NH :3
*takes the pages and devours them* Omnomnomnom.

I really needed this today. You're completely awesome.
Super glad just hearing about new updates. Super (80) just being on that cliffhanger and wondering what revelations or stuff is going to come in the next page.
I am always impressed by your anatomy. Fuuka's not wearing a bra, and her tits are not by her chin. They are in a natural position! I love it! People say drawing hands and feet are hard, but it seems like sometimes it's so rare to see a comic author drawing natural looking women... (As natuaral as Cho looks with fluffy ears and a tail :X haha)
heh road rash mayhaps but it is sufficient velocity for an excellent cliffhanger EVERY SINGLE TIME. And not just the normal "oh I'll wait a week and see what happens"; no it is the "OH GODS I am dying with anticipation" kind. You won't be able to duplicate that in an archive read. No sir. You keep us in eager suspense. :3 Which I do not mind in the least. It makes finding a few page updates a gem in my week/month/day/etc. You're also getting your brain back together and into working order. That's hard enough to do on a normal basis.

Still I can hardly wait for the next segment :DDD
Late comment is late, just wanted to say, YOU'RE KILLING ME WITH THESE CLIFFHANGERS HERE. TT_TT

Hope all is well in Luka-land; I am breathlessly (but patiently!) awaiting your next update. THIS COMIC, I LOVE IT. SO MUCH.