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A Message From Your Scribbler

so yeah um.

  • i will be updating kagerou this sunday, and the sunday after that, for certain. By next sunday I should know if i'm ready to jump back in the 2-pages-per-week game or not. if it's a yes, then i'll lift the hiatus officially.

my work ethic makes me kinda proud--i pulled off the kind of hiatus where you still update. not at my usual 40 hours a week pace, but STILL.

  • chapter 50 is ultimately gonna squeak through at a bit under 30 pages, i think. i had to jettison about 15 pages of pencils from the times i tried to force myself back into the routine during the seemingly interminable spazzrocket ascension this past year.

do not pine for these lost pages, because they were lousy. i saved the good art bits for later, and junked the rest.

  • redoing chapter 4 for print is going to be off the table for a while--much as i want to de-horrible-ify the stuff from 11 years ago so you fine people will pay me more cashmoney for print copies, i want to keep going forward with the current story way more.

  • when i do get back to 4, however: i'll be creating something like 5 or 6 pages for the expanded remix edition that will not be going up on the site.

because greed.


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