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Kagerou Central

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Kagerou: An Electric Manga
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Welcome to the official community for Electric Manga! This is where Luka announces new pages, changes to the comic, posts new art and all sorts of goodies.

Readers are also encouraged to post their fanart, fanfic, questions about the story--pretty much anything related to the comic. If you are not a member of LJ, you can still post comments. To post your own entry, you will need to get an account.

Posting here is also the quickest way to get ahold of Luka, who doesn't really use email these days.

Community rules:

1. Don't be a dick.
2. Try not to post more than 8 times a day.
3. If your image is large or non-worksafe, or if you are asked nicely by more than one person to do so for any reason, please use an lj-cut. (If they don't say please, it doesn't count).
4. All posts should have at least something to do with Kagerou.
5. This community is not aimed at kids. It's up to you as a parent to keep little Junior from finding out about necrophilia on the internet.
6. Please tag your story FAQ posts so we can keep them organized.

That's all. Post away!