Luka (lukadia) wrote in kageroumanga,

Not Quite Dead Yet Raffle!

THE PRIZE: A chance to guest star in Kagerou. The winner, or a character of the winner's choice, will appear in Book 4 of Kagerou...and DIE.

Second Prize: A full-color chibi of any character you want.
Third Prize: A $10 gift certificate to the Studio Whipping Boy store.


1. Send Luka $1 for each ticket you want. You can buy as many as you like, to increase your chances.

The easiest way to do this is via Paypal (click here). You can also snail mail it to us, as long as the envelope arrives before the day of the drawing. Our address is:

Not Quite Dead Yet Raffle!
c/o Studio Whipping Boy
1769 Lexington Ave. N. #112
Roseville, MN 55113

If you mail cash, make sure it's wrapped in paper or otherwise concealed so it can't be seen through the envelope.

2. Wait!

When I get your entry, I'll make a ticket for you and toss it into the awesome black plastic spider bowl we used to give out candy for Halloween this year. There, your entry will collect free-floating lucktons from the atmosphere, causing it to become more fortunate (and slightly dustier), over a period of several weeks.

3. Die in Kagerou (maybe)!

On June 9, we will draw the winner! I will also be picking a second and third name from the bowl. The Grand Prize winner will need to get in touch and supply me with the information I'll need to design their Kagerou-persona. Once the story rolls around to the next horrible death, you'll be in like Flynn!


Q. Can I use my winning ticket to kill Sailor ChibiMoon/Miaka/Misa?
A. Sure. Comic artists put little moments like this in their books all the time. However, to make sure we don't get sued and to aid in blending the character into the comic, I may need to alter their appearance a bit.

Q. Do I get to say anything in my cameo?
A. You'll get to scream "Agghhhghhghhghhghghghghgh!" at the very least. Beyond that, we'll be in touch.

Q. How will I die?
A. Sorry, that's a secret. I'll give the winner more info when the time comes to plan it all out.

Q. How long will it be before my death shows up in the comic?
A. Anywhere from a week to five months, depending on scheduling and whether or not I get straight to the business or do some flashbacks first. I don't work from a script, so these things can be a little bit hard to judge. But I would say the chances are very good that it will be sooner, rather than later.

Q. Which of the worlds will I die in?
A. Good question! The most likely possibility is that you'll be meeting your untimely end in one of Kano's nightmare worlds. Who knows, you might even get to meet Dark. :)

Q. Will I ever be seen again?
A. Maybe as a severed head on Red's bedpost. Anything is possible!

Good luck!
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