Luka (lukadia) wrote in kageroumanga,

Kagerou Bitches! At Last!

All right, here they are by popular demand: chibi Kagerou keychains!

The keychains are one-sided, printed on photo paper and laminated (but not waterproof, we're still working on that!) and will look pretty much like this when completed:

I use strong metal grommets to attach the paper to the dangly. These have been stress-tested and the metal keychains have given out before the grommets failed every time. All keychains are hand-made to order and the process is somewhat time-consuming, so expect a few weeks before yours arrive.


If I get famous or die in a mall shooting, these little bad boys will be worth ZILLIONS! Plus, they are dangly and amusing and will serve to advertise your slavery to the Kagerou Dragonfly Army make you popular.


Send $12 via PayPal or snail mail (see below!). For PayPal, you can use the "message to seller" info box on the checkout page to specify the text you would like written under each character (example: "Red-"NYEAH, BITCHES!" Cho-"Looka mah boobies!" etc). If no text is specified, I'll surprise you with a quote of my choosing, usually horrifying. You can also request designs with no text, or ask for the text to be written on the back of the tag (sometimes people prefer this because it makes the keychain double-sided). The back of each keychain will also be signed with the date of creation, unless you request otherwise.

If you goof on any part of the ordering process, just send me another email to the paypal address with your clarifications. As long as you catch me within a day or so of the order, it should be fine.


Or, you PayPal hatin' envelope-stampy types can send check or money order (along with your address and the text you want on each of your keychains) to

Studio Whipping Boy
1769 Lexington Ave. N. #112
Roseville, MN 55113

It's our old St. Paul PO Box, but I'm told we'll still have it for a while and can check it when driving up to fix the old house.

Important: Luka Delaney is not yet my legal name, so you'll need to make the check/M.O. out to S. Dianna Grindstaff. Just please don't make fun of me for having a girl's name on my birth certificate, yah?
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